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People often ask us about common project themes and key organizational priorities for 2019. We thought we’d share some of those “hot topics” here, as well as how we help address these challenges.

Diversity &

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HR & Workforce Dashboards

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As a niche, women-owned business specializing in workforce analytics and planning, we recognize that one of our key differentiators is our unique perspective, which both drives our passion for the work that we do and allows us to quickly pinpoint analytic services (highlighted below) to best meet the needs of our clients. We also pride ourselves on embedding knowledge-transfer as a core pillar of our approach, demystifying talent analytics and using evidence to help build bridges with the business and corporate functions. We follow our MERIT Mantra in executing our engagements, ensuring that we deliver insights that are: Measurable, Effective, Realistic, Inclusive and Targeted for your organization.

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Strategy and Design

Whether you are just starting out or reviewing your approach, we have successfully implemented and sustained workforce analytics and planning efforts for organizations from 500 to 500,000 employees.

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Coaching and Education

Our team is known for approaching every engagement as an opportunity for knowledge transfer and have dedicated services to provide expert-led coaching and both standardized and tailored education sessions to build internal understanding and analytics capability.

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Sometimes organizations need the help of an expert to accelerate progress, gain access to key skills and drive leadership engagement; we are prepared to act as an extension of your team when and where it matters most to you.

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Technology Enablement

Having built proprietary SaaS solutions, crafted effective tools using third-party software and managed strategic software partnerships, we know the opportunities and pitfalls of workforce dashboard, reporting and analytics software suites and can deliver intuitive, new capability quickly and effectively, no matter what platform you use.


Aligned with our mission, we are active contributors to the HR community through publications and speaking engagements, which have included:


Our experience spans all major industries, making us poised to connect workforce issues and opportunities to metrics that have the most MERIT like:

Consumer Products

What skills will deliver the next generation of products to address unmet consumer needs?


What drives student acceptance and enrollment rates from an institutional talent perspective?


To what degree are we impacted by an aging workforce in key skills and knowledge transfer concerns?

Financial services

Do we have the digital skills to target broader solutions to key and new customers?

Health systems

How is the changing landscape of healthcare going to impact our future talent needs?

High tech

How do we “win” in the next generation of natural language processing and artificial intelligence?


How do we lower turnover to generate better profitability and performance?


How do we attract critical engineering talent, given the competition from other industries?


How will the regulatory landscape shape and be shaped by what we do and what are the talent implications?

Professional Services

How do we create inclusive, sustainable and attractive career paths to compete against corporations for top talent?


How do we position ourselves and our talent in an omnichannel sales environment?

Transportation and Logistics

Where do we best position needed skills to meet demand, recognizing local market constraints?

About Us

We are a business dedicated to talent analytics consulting for HR professionals, focusing on core skill building and opportunities to embed evidence as a foundation for effective HR management. Whether your organization is just getting started or looking to accelerate progress, our goal is to enhance capability through knowledge transfer and advisory support based on over 50 years of cumulative HR consulting experience.

As a niche, women-owned business, we have an inclusive approach that can readily adapt to meet your needs--leveraging evidence-based methods to build bridges with the business and other corporate functions. No matter the service, our core principle is to follow a practical and effective approach, making sure our work has MERIT!

Our Leadership

About Us - Helen

Helen Friedman is the CEO of Merit Analytics Group LLC, which she co-founded as a women-owned business in 2017 after over 30 years of working in HR consulting at the three largest global HR consultancies. In this role, Helen is able to focus on helping organizations bring the power of data analytics to inform critical HR and business decisions. Her prior tenure included global leadership for talent analytics consulting and technology services, where she focused on developing intellectual capital, leading the largest and most complex client engagements and tailoring technology solutions to meet unique client needs.

Helen’s work in the field of talent analytics spans all major industries and work areas, including workforce planning and optimization, dashboards and reporting, site selection and labor market analysis, and predictive/prescriptive analytics. Helen is a well-known thought leader, who has spoken regularly at national conferences and has published on a diverse array of topics in this field with credits in well-known media outlets ranging from The New York Times and Yahoo! Finance to and the Journal of Organizational Excellence. She also supports the enhancement of the human capital analytics and technology community as an adjunct faculty member at New York University.

She earned her B.A. in Mathematics at Haverford College and an MBA with highest honors at Columbia Business School in Finance and Management.

About Us - Anna

Anna Marley is the COO and Market Leader at Merit Analytics Group LLC, which she co-founded after over 15 years working at HR consulting firms. Her diversified analytics experience and specific thought leadership in workforce-related analytics based on her wide range of evidenced-based workforce management engagements—from examining labor dynamics and building workforce dashboards to developing predictive and prescriptive statistical models. She differentiates her approach through her understanding of organizational business and HR strategy, which leads to more aligned, practical and effective solutions for clients.

Anna has worked with large-scale employers across several industries, which is a testament to her versatility and cross-industry knowledge. Over her years in consulting, she has had both direct consulting responsibilities and global management roles for service development, including leading efforts to build proprietary technology to support workforce analytics and planning.

She holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a B.A. in Economics from Bates College, both Magna Cum Laude.

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